ALPACA Fleece light brown spinning fiber

ALPACA Fleece ~ Mixed Prime & 2nds ~ Light Brown ~ 4 oz Bag

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These are all mixed Prime & 2nds Alpaca fleeces.

I am selling them as 2nds at such a low price as I do not have time to sort them out ~ I need the room and it's all got to go!

All of them have been sourced from either California or Washington State Alpaca farmers.

Alpaca Fleece, 2nds: The neck and upper legs (seconds) produce fiber that is usually shorter and less uniform - but still very spinnable.

Light Brown color ~ 4 ozs.

This is a batch of Alpaca fleece that has been tumbled and lightly washed. You may or may not want to wash further. Some of these bags are almost pristine and some will require extra work.

It has VM and will need further work. This was left over from various kits and did not get the VM picked out. The very low price reflects this.

Steal of a price for someone not minding a little prep work!

Perfect for needle felters alpaca fleece spinning fiber smile