Corriedale Dyed Wool Top Candy Floss ~ 4 Oz Fiber
Corriedale Dyed Wool Top ~ Candy Floss Fiber

Corriedale Dyed Wool Top Candy Floss ~ 4 oz

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Cuddly Candy Floss!
Straight from the Napa Valley to you!
These are gorgeous!

Beautifully soft Dyed Corriedale Top ~

Cotton Candy, Candy Floss, Spun Sugar, Fairy Floss ~ whatever you call it ~ it's delicious! Grab your bag today!

The Corriedale fleece is a superior spinning wool with good crimp and soft handle and is very even. The wool produced is approx. 25-30 microns and staple length, 80-120 mm. Our Corriedale wool originates from New Zealand. Bright, beautiful colors for all your fabulous projects!

These are top quality Corriedale Tops ~See the beauty for yourself ~ grab a few now!

Packaged in 4 ounces bundles.

Try this! ~
Blending and carding different percentages of different colors will create unique individual tones. You'll love the subtle colors achieved by this process!

Perfect for 3D needle felting, wet felting and spinning!

Fiber: Corriedale
Microns: 25-30 Microns
Fiber Length: 80-120 mm (3-4 in )