Glorious Silk Variety Pack Premier Spinning Fiber Pure Elegance! Luxury
Glorious Silk Variety Pack Premier Spinning Fiber Pure Elegance! Luxury

Glorious Silk Variety Pack Premier Spinning Fiber Pure Elegance!

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~ A glorious pack of 4 of our luxury Silks ~
 1 full ounce of each color ~ Pure Luxury!

Add this gorgeous pack of 4 luxury silks to your stash!

Muga Silk ~ Our rarest Silk ~ once reserved for royalty! Muga is obtained from the Antheraea Assamensis silkworm. These silkworms feed on the leaves of Som and Soalu plants and the silk produced from them is known for its glossy texture and durability.  You need this royal silk in your life! 
(Picture on bottom right)

Honey Tussah silk, also known as wild silk. The gorgeous honey color is produced from the silk of wild silkworms. Due to their diet of wild forest plants, this silk has a natural golden or honey color. (Picture on top left)

Mulberry Silk, also known as Cultivated or Bombyx Silk is considered one of the best quality of silks you can buy. It is produced from the silk worms of the Bombyx Mori Moth and fed only mulberry leaves. The silk is 10-13 microns and very white. This silk is somewhat stronger and whiter than the wild silk,Tussah and has a more 'slippery' feel. Cool and delicious.  Mulberry silk is produced in a controlled warm environment. (Picture on bottom left)

Bleached Tussah silk, also known as wild silk ~ Takes dye extremely well, whether you’re using acid dyes or fiber reactive dyes. Made from wild Tussah silk worms who eat juniper leaves and oak. This is absolutely delicious blended with other fibers, lends an elegant quality to any fiber prep. (Picture on top right)

All are separately packaged in nice zip bags, labeled and decorated with our signature ribbons when they are shipping to you! Perfect for a luxury gift!

Customer Reviews

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Cerise B. (Killeen, US)

This has to be one of my favorite sparkly fibers! Love the moss color…just gorgeous. I discovered it in a grab bag and just had to have more of it!

Katie H. (Sarasota, US)

Glitzy "Luminous Ocean"! Merino / Rainbow Nylon Combed Top / (70/30%) / 4 oz

Louise R. (Purcellville, US)
Very special.

Easy and fun to spin!

Jeanne B. (West Milford, US)
Spectacular Specialty Pack Elegant Spinning Fiber Pure Opulence!

Will make a lovely gift! Very nicely packaged.

Tammy (Soquel, US)

The mulberry silk tops are gorgeous! Always have great products that I keep coming back for!