Everything But The Kitchen Sink Fiber Grab Bag! ~ 1/4 Pound By Fairytailspun Dyed
Everything But The Kitchen Sink Fiber Grab Bag! ~ 1/4 Pound By Fairytailspun Dyed

"Everything But The Kitchen Sink" Fiber Grab Bag! ~ 1/4 Pound ~ By Fairytailspun Fiber

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In Collaboration with FairyTailSpun Fiber.........EBTKS's are back!!! 

1/4 pound grab bags available! 

Please Note: These are shipped from our new Central California location. 
  • From Fairytailspun Fiber's work studio "Everything but the kitchen sink" fiber grab bags are back and available now to ship!
  • Fibers in the bags are random fibers.
  • There is a large variety of fibers used and this is the reason the grab bags are named "everything but the kitchen sink"  :) 
  • Bags will not receive all types of fibers listed
  • Bags will vary on what is in the bag
  • There is no choice of bags
  • No labels listing fibers are in bags
  • Some bags may have the same/similar fibers
  • Some bags will be completely different fibers
  • No bags are packed with all one fiber type. There is a nice random variety in each bag
  • Bags are randomly packed with leftover fibers from projects
  • No unwashed fiber is used
  • Some fiber/fleece may have some vm still needing to be picked out
  • No choice of bag is given at check out, grab bags are chosen randomly when shipped
  • Note for Felters, There is no guarantee of 100% wool in any of the grab bags. Some bags may have non wool fiber (ex. silk) that will not felt. 
See pictures for some of the actual grab bags
that are ready to ship out now!!

  • This is a list of some of the fibers used to create these really great priced grab bags:  Hand dyed, natural, organic, synthetic, faux, and commercial fiber, including top, sliver, pencil, roving, and fleece fibers.  Also, leftover art batt pieces, rolag oops pieces, partial swirls and all types of carded fibers. Hand dyed fleece and fiber tops from Merino, BFL, Corriedale, Cheviot, Superwash, Romney, Rambouillet, Finnish, Superfine Merino, Shetland, Scottish Blackface, and many other fiber tops and fleeces some with silk and bamboo blended in. There is also, add on type fibers including all types of silks, specialty fibers, mohair curls, rose top, sari silks, bamboo, cotton top, milk protein top, angelina, firestar, hand dyed and natural lamb locks, hand dyed and natural adult locks and fleece, and much, much, more! Thanks for checking out the listing! :) 

Total weight of all fiber in each grab bag is:   4 oz

This Listing of Grab Bags Are Priced at HALF OFF Right Now!!!

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