Napa Valley Fibers Galaxy Melange Corriedale Mixed Bag Dyed Fiber
Napa Valley Fibers Galaxy Melange Corriedale Mixed Bag ~ Pre-Order Status Dyed Fiber

Napa Valley Fibers 'Galaxy Mélange' Corriedale Mixed Bag

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Galaxy Mélange Medley!

Containing 25g of each of our Galaxy Mélange Range.
These are out of this world gorgeous!

Our Galaxy Mélange Range is produced from Corriedale Fleece 29/30 Micron. Carefully blending and carding different percentages of black and colored fiber to create unique subtle tones. 

Please Note: These are extra large bags at approx. 8.8 ounces!

Perfect for 3D needle felting, wet felting and spinning!

Pack Includes:
Andromeda x 25g
Bode x 25g
Cartwheel x 25g
Comet x 25g
Cosmos x 25g
Pinwheel x 25g
Sombrero x 25g
Tadpole x 25g
Whirlpool x 25g
Sunflower x 25g

Fiber: Corriedale
Microns: 29 Microns
Fiber Length: 80-120mm (3-4 in )

Total of 250 grams or approx 8.8 oz.

Please Note: The 1st Picture shows your actual Pack. The following pictures are showing the individual colors for a better representation of what is in your pack. You will receive 1 Pack of all 10 colors as shown in 1st Picture.


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Napa Valley Fibers 'Galaxy Melange' Corriedale Mixed Bag