Huge 7 Ounce Grab Bags! ~ Ive Got Your Bag Right Here Surprise Dyed Fiber
Huge 7 Ounce Grab Bags! ~ Ive Got Your Bag Right Here Surprise Dyed Fiber
Huge 7 Ounce Grab Bags! ~ Ive Got Your Bag Right Here Surprise Dyed Fiber

HUGE 7 ounce Grab Bags! ~ I’ve Got YOUR Bag Right Here ~ Surprise Bags!

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Grab Bags of Spinning Fiber

These are 7 ounces of fiber! ~ If you’ve bought any of my Spinning Kits you know the quality of fibers I would have left over.

PLEASE NOTE: If you buy substantial multiple quantities, these might be combined into 1 or 2 larger bags and vacuum packed to reduce volume. They will not arrive in separate 7 oz bags. Please let me know if you'd prefer to pay a higher shipping cost and keep them all in 7 oz bags and I can send you a custom invoice.

These are Surprise Grab Bags!! The bags are stuffed with 7 OUNCES of fiber!  Each bag contains different loose fibers, carded fibers, roving strips, ends of Art batts, various locks, leftover silks and more. Some will be dyed, some natural colors, undyed wool top end pieces, etc. Not all fibers will be in each bag. Some of the bags might be almost identical to each other or randomly different. I’m not going to list everything twice, for example Cheviot ~ may be loose fleece or Cheviot Top or both ~ could be dyed or undyed. Lots of premium fibers, ends & pieces, leftovers, etc.

Here is a partial list of fibers that I’ve used:

Superfine Merino, Cormo, Cashmere, Angelina, Romney, Soffsilk ®, blended wools, Camel down, Mohair roving, Falkland, CorrieX, Lincoln fleece, Jacob, Mohair curls, Mulberry Silk Noils, Alpaca, Targhee, Finn, Dorset, Llama, Coopworth, Hampshire, Cheviot, BFL, Starbright, Tussah Silk, Polwarth, bits of Bunny fiber, Mulberry Silk roving and more!

There is NO raw wool. 

I am not selling them designed for any particular purpose ~ these are quality leftover fibers at a low price! Randomly small and larger pieces, probably more suitable for felting than spinning unless you have a carder ~ you could make the wildest Art Batts ever!

Not all the fiber listed will be in each bag. No bag will have all one fiber. 
There is NO choosing of bags. These are surprise grab bags and priced at a great deal.

No substitutions ~ Bags are already made up and ready to ship!

PLEASE NOTE: If you buy a substantial quantity, these might be combined and shipped in larger bags to save on volume. 

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