Rambouillet Multiple Colors, One Fiber Braid 4 oz

Rambouillet (French Merino) Wool Braid (GRBT12) ~ ~ Hand dyed by Fairytailspun Fiber ~ 4 oz

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In collaboration with FairyTailSpun Fibers  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    Genevieve's pick of favorite wool fiber to spin! 

This is an ultra-soft and squishy fiber, made of 100% Rambouillet top, that is beautifully hand dyed by FairyTailSpun Fiber ~ This braid is ready to spin!

This fiber has been carefully dyed to preserve the softness and squishy feel of the fiber, for next to skin soft feel. This is perfect fiber for baby projects or treating any loved one, including yourself, to a next to skin soft experience. This is a very old breed, originating in the village of Rambouillet, France in 1786. It is also known as French Merino. The wool averages 20-23 Microns, with a good crimp. It also has a good length around 100mm. This wool is brilliant for felting and spinning.       

Weight approx. 4 oz.



Customer Reviews

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Paula G. (Hesperia, US)
Finnish Top

Very happy with purchase, I just love your fiber.

Carolyn B. (Sacramento, US)
Rambouillet wool

I’m in love with this very soft and squishy fiber. Can’t wait to spin it!

Priscilla R. (The Bronx, US)

I bought various roving and I adore spinning and felting with all of it.

Laurel S. (Henrico, US)

Great colors, great quality fiber at a good price and shipped fast. Can't wait to spin it up!