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Romney Wool Top ~ Natural Spinning Fiber / 4 oz

Romney Wool Top ~ Natural Spinning Fiber / 4 oz

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New Zealand Romney wool has a well-defined crimp and medium luster. Romney's produce a heavy fleece. Top fiber is combed to provide spinning fiber in which all the fibers are parallel. This preparation of fiber is best suited to worsted or semi worsted spinning. Romney fiber has a 35 micron, 4 inch + staple. A great wool for spinning and blending. Excellent white color. Dyes and felts beautifully. 

This is Top not roving. Top goes through an extra step to carefully align all the fibers in the same direction. Top is considered the highest quality spinning prep.

This Wool Top is sold in 4 oz bundles. This is pre-weighed out and cannot be shipped as a continuous length if you order multiples. To order a pound, add 4 to your shopping cart.

Please contact me for multiple pound purchases to obtain the best shipping cost.