Spectacular Specialty Pack Elegant Spinning Fiber Pure Opulence! Luxury
Spectacular Specialty Pack Elegant Spinning Fiber Pure Opulence! ~ Pre-Order Status Luxury
Spectacular Specialty Pack Elegant Spinning Fiber Pure Opulence! ~ Pre-Order Status Luxury

Spectacular Specialty Pack Elegant Spinning Fiber Pure Opulence!

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~ A lavish pack of all 8 of our luxury Specialty Fibers ~ 
 1 full ounce of each ~ Pure Opulence!

Add this Spectacular Pack of 8 Specialty Fibers to your stash!

Rose Fiber: Very similar to bamboo in appearance and feel, but I feel it has a wonderful 'something extra' with a delicate sheen that is all it's own. This cellulose fiber made from rose bushes is an environmentally friendly, green, eco fiber which also is bio-degradable!

Banana Fiber: The stalk of a banana plant contains fibrous strands that can be processed into anything from paper to kimono-grade silk.  Processed banana fiber resembles bamboo and ramie fiber, but the high grade fiber is actually much finer and easier to spin. Despite its fineness, this high grade banana fiber is extremely durable, and has a natural luster that gives it a satin-like appearance. White and super soft with silk like properties.

Milk Protein Fiber: Made from milk proteins, luxuriously decadent feel, white with a touch of cream ~ super soft with silk like properties. It’s manufacturing process is similar to rayon/viscose, but because it’s a regenerated protein fiber and not a regenerated cellulose fiber, it reacts like wool, taking dye beautifully. 

Mint Fiber: A biodegradable cellulose fiber which is infused with Mint powder that is extracted from peppermint leaves. This soft golden fiber has antibacterial properties and natural cooling properties. Perfect for spinning and blending with fibers such as cotton, silk, wool and Linen.

Pearl Fiber: A very new Biodegradable cellulose fiber which is infused with precious pearl powder which contains natural amino acids and trace elements. Very soft and lustrous fiber, gives a natural smooth, cooling feeling with great moisture absorption and fantastic drapability. Has an Ultraviolet protection factor greater than 30. The fiber is a natural UVA protector.

Seacell Fiber: A luxurious silky fiber made from Seaweed. There is silky soft fiber and then there is Seacell Fiber! This is heavenly soft and is probably one of my favorites of all the specialty fibers! Seaweed can help protect our skin from harmful environmental influences around us every day. It has high levels of antioxidants that shields from harmful free radicals. See here for more info!

Corn Fiber: A relatively new fiber made from corn maize. The fiber is white in appearance and soft with silk like properties. 

Pineapple Fiber: Super Silky, lustrous fiber which has a long fiber length and is naturally cool to touch. When spun, this superbly shiny fiber can create sustainable beautiful garments, or needle felt it into your creation for something with extra pizzaz! Another biodegradable cellulose fiber ~ this one is created from pineapples!

All are separately packaged in nice zip bags, labeled and decorated with our signature ribbons when they are shipped to you! Perfect for a luxury gift!

Customer Reviews

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Louise R. (Purcellville, US)
Very special.

Easy and fun to spin!

Jeanne B. (West Milford, US)
Spectacular Specialty Pack Elegant Spinning Fiber Pure Opulence!

Will make a lovely gift! Very nicely packaged.

Sandra N. (Jacksonville, US)
Great stuff!

Love these products!

Christin S. (Las Vegas, US)
Love it all.

I love this little sample pack. I was able to try out these speciality fibers and find out which ones I would like to buy in bulk.

Judith T. (Fairport, US)
Fun in a bag!

Beautiful unique fibers I'ver read about but experienced. Pre-ordered fiber collection arrived in a timely fashion, well packed for economy and safe transit. Excited to explore the dyeing, blending and spinning possibilities.