White Jacob Wool Top ~ Natural 4 Oz Dyed Fiber
White Jacob Wool Top ~ Natural 4 Oz Dyed Fiber

White Jacob Wool Top ~ Natural White Wool Top, 1 lb

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Prized by Hand Spinners!  
Straight from the Napa Valley to you!
These are gorgeous!

This lovely White Jacob wool is a natural colored wool. It is the classic hand spinners wool. Our tops are made from selected Jacob fleeces. 33-35 Micron, average length of 85-95mm. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting, 3D needle felting and many other craft uses.

These are top quality Jacob Wool Tops ~See the natural beauty for yourself ~ grab a few now!

Packaged in 1 lb bundle.

Fiber: Jacob
Microns: 33-35 Microns
Fiber Length: 85-95mm

(All measurements are approximate)

Jacob sheep are sometimes referred to as the spotted sheep.  Lore has it that these sheep were named after Jacob, a shepherd from the book of Genesis in the Bible, who bred spotted sheep. In England, the Jacob was originally referred to as the Spanish Sheep. Legends are told of the Jacob sheep washing ashore from shipwrecks in England after the destruction of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Jacob is easy to spin and produces a springy yarn.

Customer Reviews

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Loraine L. (Hopatcong, US)
Just incredible

I just received my 2 lb grab bag and I'm blown away ! Quite a few of the pieces are huge and the rest are sizeable enough to either be spun by themselves or carded with others to make beautiful, colorful batts. This is my first but certainly not my last order. It's well worth the cost even at the regular price.

Patty G. (Pittsburgh, US)

Wow! It was delivered fast! The colors were amazing and the fibers give me happy thoughts! Thank you! I will order from you again.

Judy M. (Garberville, US)
Fun to open

Love the colors

Paula G. (Hesperia, US)
Great fiber

I was very pleased with my purchase of several different items. Will buy from Napa Valley Fiber again.

Adrienne A. (Randolph Center, US)
Crazy carded Corrie!

Quick delivery! Beautiful colors! Works well for felting!! Will order again!