White Suri Alpaca Top ~ Luxury Spinning Fiber / 2 oz
White Suri Alpaca Top ~ Luxury Spinning Fiber / 2 Oz New!

White Suri Alpaca Top ~ Luxury Spinning Fiber / 2 oz

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Unique Alpaca! Long and lustrous fiber without the natural crimp found in other Alpaca breeds. A lovely Alpaca breed with a high silky luster, long fibers and averages around 26 Microns. Suri is very similar to Mohair, and mainly used in luxury products. The fiber is coveted by the fashion industry and cherished by the hand spinner.

The Suri is a breed of alpaca distinguished by its long, lustrous and slick locks that lie parallel to the body. It is the rarest species in the Camelid family (llamas, alpacas, camels, guanacos, and vicunas) representing only 6% of the Camelid population worldwide.

Please Note: These are in our 2 oz packages.
Micron Count 26

Customer Reviews

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Cerise B. (Killeen, US)

This has to be one of my favorite sparkly fibers! Love the moss color…just gorgeous. I discovered it in a grab bag and just had to have more of it!

Katie H. (Sarasota, US)

Glitzy "Luminous Ocean"! Merino / Rainbow Nylon Combed Top / (70/30%) / 4 oz

Louise R. (Purcellville, US)
Very special.

Easy and fun to spin!

Jeanne B. (West Milford, US)
Spectacular Specialty Pack Elegant Spinning Fiber Pure Opulence!

Will make a lovely gift! Very nicely packaged.

Tammy (Soquel, US)

The mulberry silk tops are gorgeous! Always have great products that I keep coming back for!