New! ~ Workshop In A Bag: Kettle Dyeing Panda Top Superwash Fiber Bonus! Blue Faced Leicester

'Workshop in a Bag: Kettle Dyeing' ~ Panda Top Superwash Fiber ~ Bonus! Blue Faced Leicester Fiber Included

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What madness is this?!
Treat yourself with a Fun Dye Kit!
Perfect for a Gift!

We LOVE color! I’m so happy you’re going to play with color with us!
If you’ve never dyed wool and/or yarn before, first thing you need to do is just take a deep breath and make up your mind to have some fun! It’ll be easier than you thought!

Please Note: This Workshop contains all your instructions and workshop handouts and materials. For more fun in dyeing get a refill Pack! Refill packs contain Wool, Dye, Citric Acid. No need to pay for instructions each time! You will need this original Pack just once. Dye colors on refill packs will be listed.

Your wool pictured is a lovely, silky Panda Top ~ a full 4 ounces!
(Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon, 60/30/10)

Bonus Fiber!
Bluefaced Leicester 100% USA Wool Sliver, 1 oz

What's in Your Bag:

Additional items included in this package:

  1. Full Workshop Instructions, 3 page packet
  2. "Color Wheel 101" ~ Basic Color Theory, 2 pgs
  3. Packets of Acid Dyes, 3 Primary Colors.
  4. Super cute tiny plastic spoons.
  5. Packet of Citric Acid Powder
  6. Latex-Free Vinyl Gloves


You’ll need a couple very basic things that are not included in this packet:

  1. Stock pot or pan that you will NOT be using for food later. 
  2. Large stainless-steel spoon(s) for stirring and lifting your fiber.
  3. Stove or other adjustable heat source.
  4. Dust Mask
  5. Age appropriate beverages.

With love from the heart of the Napa Valley to you!


It is advised to put a layer or two of newspaper under your work space to protect counter tops, etc. 

 Knitting Tools, Sheep, Wool Top

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Cheri Diehl
Looking forward to trying this!

I love Napa Valley Fiber - always such quick service. If only I had time to use my fiber!