Four Seasons Spinning Kits Photo Gallery

Do you like surprises? You could have kits coming in the mail each month similar to these.

This collection is to showcase previous club kits so you can get an idea of what you could get in the mail. Kits shown are not for sale.

Please check out the link under FIBER CLUBS where you can choose the drop down link SPINNING KIT CLUB to make the next season of club kits your own! Also more info on how the club works here,

Fiber Spinning Club Kits in Review
2017, 2018 & 2019


Club Kit January 2018

February 2018 Club Kit

March 2018 Club Kit

April 2018 Club Kit

May 2018 Club Kit

June 2018 Club Kit

July 2018 Club Kit

August 2018 Club Kit

September 2018 Club Kit

October 2018 Club Kit

November 2018 Club Kit

December 2018 Club Kit 

Casablanca ~ January 2017

Napa Valley Fiber Club Kit January 2017 Casablanca

Peppermint Kisses ~ February 2017

Napa Valley Fiber Club Kit February 2017 Peppermint Kisses

In Like a Lion ~ March 2017

Napa Valley Fiber Club Kit March 2017 In Like A Lion

April Showers ~ April 2017

Napa Valley Fiber Club Kit April 2017 April Showers

Berry Glad ~ May 2017

Napa Valley Fiber Club Kit May 2017 Berry Glad

Rainbow Summer  ~ June 2017 

Napa Valley Fiber Club Kit June 2017 Summer Heat

Cabo Wabo ~ July 2017

 Napa Valley Fiber Club Kit July 2017 Cabo Wabo

Summer Heat ~ August 2017

Napa Valley Fiber Club Kit August 2017 Summer Heat

Aurora Borealis ~ September 2017

 Napa Valley Fiber Spinning Club Kit 9_17 Aurora Borealis Wool Top

Harvest Napa Valley ~ October 2017

Napa Valley Spinning Club Kit September 2017


Autumns Paintbrush ~ November 2017

Napa Valley Fiber Spinning Fiber Club Kit November 2017 Autumns Paintbrush

Ice Queen ~ December 2017

Napa Valley Fiber Club Kit December 2017 Ice Queen