Shetland Dyed Wool Top Denim ~ 4 Oz Fiber
Shetland Dyed Wool Top Denim ~ 4 Oz Fiber

Shetland Dyed Wool Top Denim ~ 4 oz

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Dapper Denim!
Straight from the Napa Valley to you!
These are gorgeous!

Silky dyed Shetland Top ~ 

Shetland wool is in demand for handmade textiles because of its variety of natural colors and adaptable quality. The wool is fine, soft and silky to the touch with a good, bulky down characteristic approx 31mic, 80mm in length. In this range we have 12 shades for you to choose from.

These are top quality Shetland Tops ~ See the beauty for yourself ~ grab a few now!

Packaged in 4 ounces bundles.

Try this! ~
Blending and carding different percentages of different colors will create unique individual tones. You'll love the subtle colors achieved by this process!

Perfect for 3D needle felting, wet felting and spinning!

Fiber: Shetland
Microns: 31 Microns
Fiber Length: 80mm

(All measurements are approximate)

The Shetland Islands are in the northern most part of Scotland. Shetland sheep are thought to have been brought to Scotland by the Viking settlers. This remote island location has played an important part in preserving the ancestral population of Shetland Sheep. White is a dominant color in Shetlands, but the sheep can be black, brown toned grey, shaela (dark silvery grey), medium or light silvery grey, ivory, fawn, mioget (golden honey colored), moorit (reddish brown) or dark brown.

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Alicia W. (Lompoc, US)
So soft and pretty!

I haven't started spinning it yet, but this Shetland is my new favorite thing. So soft, spins easily even for a newbie like me, color is perfect.